New Prodcuts-2-layer SENSOR COMPONENT Pcb

- Aug 02, 2017-

A PCB is found in almost every electronic device. If you have electronic components in a device, they are mounted on a PCB, big or small. Besides keeping the components in place, its purpose of a PCB is to provide electrical connections between the components mounted on it. As electronic devices have become more complex, and require more components, the PCB has become more populated, and dense with wiring and components.

Flollowing is pcb with componets we made recently, which is as sensor componets ffor sensor electroncis. 

This is the circuit of this this sensor pcb, we cut this picture for pcb software.

This buttom side of this 2-layer sensor pcb, for this pcb there is not that much componets at the buttom side, but it has some circuits on the buttom side, and those circuits with 1oz copper thickness. 

The top side of this 2-layer sensor pcb, Most of the componets are at the top side of this 2-layer pcb.  I will gald to introduce one component, the two circle trimpot, which is PIHER brand with 470K resistance and hexagonal and  Adjustable.

If there is some questiones about this 2-layer sensor pcb, feel free to contact me at If you are interested in purchasing some of this pcb boards, I would like to send you my client's contact info.

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