NEPCON China 2016 Exhibition With Four Athletics

- Mar 28, 2016-

The upcoming 2016 April 26 to 28 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition opens its twenty-sixth China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON China 2016), is the convergence of the world's leading electronics manufacturing brands, activate the electronics industry benign platform dynamic development. The exhibition covering the whole electronics manufacturing industry chain, the development of a true representation of the standard of the past year, the electronics industry at home and abroad. Includes "SMT exhibition", "EMA electronics manufacturing automation exhibition" four exhibition "printed circuit board exhibition", "EMS procurement center", including colorful dance showcase comprehensive SMT surface mount, welding, electronic measuring system integration, PCB, electronics manufacturing automation technology and other cutting-edge materials and applications. At the same time, there are many well-known electronics companies appeal has joined the NEPCON China 2016, showing a large number of Product of the Year, let the show become the first New Year electronics manufacturing equipment industry event, will direct visitors to detonate passion.
To lead a new trend in electronics manufacturing, "SMT exhibition" Activation industry source of power
As the first to enter the domestic electronic assembly technology, SMT surface mount has witnessed China's electronics industry development process. Even if new technologies emerging in the current EMA, EMS, PCB areas, still can not shake the SMT placement dominance in the electronics industry. Especially with the increasing miniaturization of electronic products, and multi-functional, as well as mobile phones, flat panel and other consumer microelectronics explosive growth, led the SMT surface mount technology tends to high-precision, high-density, SMT placement more widely, in communications electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, avionics, wearable devices and intelligent appliances field revitalized again, unlimited prospects for development. At this NEPCON China 2016, "SMT exhibition" cover patch, welding, glue spraying, production processes complete test and measurement, covering all aspects of production, showcasing the world's leading manufacturing brands and mainstream products.

In the electronic component soldering cleaning field has a strong influence Kherdi science and technology, is a test to detect from, from cleaning equipment sales to OEM customers to provide integrated industry solutions to clean equipment exhibitors program. At this NEPCON China 2016 exhibition site, Kherdi Technology will launch the latest cleaning equipment - the third generation KED600 offline PCBA washing machine, it is a small capacity of PCBA for flux cleaning equipment. The machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel appearance, horizontal pumps, external double welding cabinet, PLC control technology, can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency and product quality. Especially with the batch cleaning process, to achieve single-chamber washing, rinsing and drying the whole process, which can meet the many types of aircraft PCBA cleaning mode.
Kherdi technological another star product comes FS 300 SMT industry wastewater processor for flux cleaning process rinse water treatment, to the professional separation of pollutants in water, recycling of water resources. In the current electronics industry to pursue environmental protection, build a beautiful China's background, this industrial waste processor promotion of great significance.
Not only welding system has a star, test and measurement belong SMT exhibition, Sweden optilia HD video detection equipment performance series from Orvis technology companies are also very eye-catching. The company introduced the most competitive in the industry known as optical inspection equipment Optilia HD high-definition optical detection system, a professional 1080P HD video inspection microscope, supports 30 optical zoom, with fast autofocus feature is currently not available domestic equipment, long image quality working distance, large field of view, as well as high contrast, high reducing power, make work faster and more efficient.


Another product Orvis technology brings --Optilia BGA inspection system is the industry's most advanced optical detection system. It includes a 5 megapixel digital camera and high-resolution micro-side optical sensor, capable of rapid and sensitive detection of solder joints. After replacing the BGA 1-100x lens with a zoom lens, high-resolution video system turned microscope can PCB, solder pads, scratches, and other elements were detected positive. Efficient and accurate measurement and humane standard, making it the choice for the customer in mind.
"EMA Automation Pavilion", the machine generation facelift boost electronics industry transformation
With the plan in full swing in China 2025 "machine Substitution" craze had swept the country, under the tide of electronics manufacturing automation upgrade is imperative. Special 2015 "Internet +" concept everywhere, we have been deeply involved in the electronics manufacturing industry to accelerate the pace of change the industry. I believe the next 2 to 3 years, electronic manufacturing automation and changing, industry convergence innovation will become mainstream. This NEPCON China 2016, the "intelligent manufacturing" as the leading electronic automation technology EMA represents the mainstream of the development of the electronics industry, especially the creation of "EMA Electronic Manufacturing Automation Pavilion" will showcase advanced "Industrial Automation" technology and "systems integration" program in electronic manufacturing.


Shanghai ABB Engineering Company is a leading global supplier of industrial robot technology, it can provide customers integrated from the robot body, software, peripheral equipment, modular manufacturing cells, customer service system to a complete portfolio. The NEPCON China 2016, ABB will bring the world's first truly human-machine collaboration arms of industrial robots YuMi strong attack, to seize the "Made in China 2025" technology Heights, leading the new trend of the electronics manufacturing industry automation.
According to the person in charge of ABB, YuMi is in English, "You and I" means, means that this arm industrial robot can achieve highly intelligent man-machine work, in particular, can cooperate with humans under the premise of ensuring security, create unlimited possibilities. Future NEPCON China 2016 exhibition site, led by the man-machine collaboration YuMi new era is approaching, we expect this amazing product can shine in NEPCON internet.
"Printed Circuit Board Pavilion", a professional PCB trade procurement stations in the end
NEPCON Fitch carrier for 40 years, is the electronics manufacturing industry of electronic showcase event "SMT" and "electronics manufacturing automation" equipment and technology. NEPCON China 2016 for the first time an additional PCB area, providing PCB / FPC / HDI / MPCB / IC-stop shopping service for worldwide exhibitors and visitors, while also helping exhibitors levels lower purchase intention to cooperate on communication, power to the electronic PCB manufacturing companies show clients the strongest strength, so as to promote China's PCB industry toward green production, energy saving wisdom rapid transformation.

Looking at the domestic circuit board industry, though the value of the harvest, production in the world of beautiful data, but the gap between the country's high-density products, packaging technology, miniaturization, environmental protection and other Japanese and Korean extent still evident, a single type of product, lack of technological innovation power is also an indisputable fact. The NEPCON China 2016, to Shenzhenshilong Teng circuit technology as the representative of the PCB exhibitors strong attack, they bring more technical content, value-effective and have the potential to create intellectual products, expected by demonstrating and leading role, boosting domestic PCB industry through the development bottleneck, early completion of the upgrading and restructuring.

As the leading high-precision double-sided and multilayer printed circuit board manufacturer, Shenzhenshilong Teng circuit strength of technology, management practices, full of vigor and vitality. For a long time, the company continued to improve the integration of intelligent production and raw material supply chain to produce double-sided and multi-layer gold-plated, sprayed gold, spray tin, chemical gold, general and photographic plate, won the digital, communications, automotive satellite navigation, large power LED, energy saving lamps, household appliances, computer peripherals, car audio multi-field high degree of trust.
Continue to attract domestic and foreign advanced technology, updating the concept, is the driving force of Dragon Circuit Technology continued to advance, this NEPCON China exhibition in Shanghai, Dragon circuit will be innovative products for the messenger, joint enterprises brothers together to evoke PCB industry alliance interactive, by in close cooperation with each other and support each other progress, and ultimately product solutions and technological content of the whole industry get the full upgrade.
"EMS procurement center," complete service program leading intelligent industry
The rapid development of science and technology so that contact between the various industries increasingly close, electronics manufacturing no longer exist as an individual and isolated. Then a small electrical components, both within and outside the United bonded property. Therefore, when the electronics manufacturers to provide products, a complete set of viable products and service solutions are more important than the product itself. Especially when local manufacturers to provide services, content larger span, the need for a unified procurement, distribution and repair services, in order to present the best performance product, which is precisely where the characteristics of the EMS industry.

At this NEPCON China 2016, the new addition of "EMS Sourcing Center" exhibition, which is currently the only Chinese electronics manufacturing services focused on providing solutions for the electronic commerce procurement platform brands and electronic customer record. NEPCON through the world's largest and oldest exhibition of electronics manufacturing brands combined, "EMS Procurement Center" will gather from around the world more than 1000 electronics brands and tens of thousands of professional buyers, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), original design manufacturer (ODM), electronic manufacturing services (EMS), design companies (design House) and other aspects of a clean sweep, continues to lead the intelligent manufacturing.

As many of the world's high-quality OEM partner, Shenzhen City Extension Puteick electronics company is professional development and production of industrial automation, rail transportation, communications, medical, financial, smart home tech enterprise PCBA assembly and products. Factory production line rich, can provide customers with a variety of PCBA, finished OEM products and customized services. At the same time, the extension also has electronic product assembly Puteick respect strength, years of development maturing technology R & D system, quality assurance system and supply chain management system, so that in the end PCBA, EMS areas get a good reputation and word of mouth. Extension Puteick currently has a number of industry giants to establish a close cooperative relations in communications products, industrial automation products, smart home products and other fields to achieve a truly professional one-stop service, to become China's best small batch communication, new energy automation product manufacturing platform.
Recalling the "Twelve Five" period, China intelligent, automated integration and industrialization pace even more stable, and laid a solid foundation for the development of intelligent "Thirteen Five" period, the industry agreed that the 2016 will be the electronics manufacturing automation of a rapid outbreak year. Looking NEPCON China exhibition in Shanghai, competing against four professional exhibition, the new set up a "Hall 1" and "Hall 2" synchronous display, all show organizers for the majority of exhibitors and visitors to create a more professional exhibition experience desire to join the well-known brand strength, the concentrated expression of automation, intelligent technology bright future in the industry. A leading electronics manufacturing industry changes show precisely the curtain slowly opened, the electronics industry in Asia set off a wave of innovation will follow boom!

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