Monetize New Pillars Shake Smart Wearable Device Aura Eclipsed PCB Supply Chain

- Apr 11, 2016-

Apple (Apple) first-generation Apple Watch sales than expected, the supply chain can not benefit from most of the industry, even though Apple re-adjust the product strategy, not only more stable and practical applications to provide more new strap, also announced price cuts, then the supply chain the current orders on hand estimates, Apple for the second generation of Apple Watch new machines shipped quite conservative, in 2016 the overall Apple Watch shipments too far in 2015, PCB supply chain industry frankly, no longer expect Apple Watch or other intelligent wearable devices can play the new pillars of profit in 2016.

Although research coordinating body with numerous brand industry optimistic about wearable shipments will maintain growth momentum, have introduced a variety of innovative design applications, then the supply chain industry, said that Apple Apple Watch in wearable market leader in shipments of about 2015 1,100 million to 1,200 million, the result of natural flex and low yield little demand for PCB-related industry profits do not help much, and the current PCB industry hands of the second generation Apple Watch estimated amount of new aircraft orders nor see growth, originally for wearable drive earnings growth expectations temporarily shattered.

PCB supply chain industry that soft board has a thin, flexible characteristics become wearable main components, originally expected wearable applications to become soft board market growth power source, then the current product development, application of intelligent watches, bracelets and other intelligent wearable soft board products, the average number of pieces each use about 2 to 3, the use of high-end Apple watch slight increase in number of pieces, but still nowhere near as smart phones each use of more than 10 pieces , wearable devices for soft board usage limited contribution.

Global wearable devices market scale is continuously amplified, various people continued to get into, and then the supply chain industry that wearable price gap between the very large, such as millet and other low-cost low technical threshold bracelet, supply chain orders quite meager profits ; as for higher prices, with brand awareness and other Fitbit wristband, brand customers in order to maintain profits, but also the manufacturing cost down the supply chain.

Smartwatch although higher unit price, but in addition to Apple and Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) outside, including Huawei, Motorola (Motorola), LG Electronics (LG Electronics), Asus and other industry shipments is very small, while the technology for Apple Apple Watch demanding, leading to supply chain industry mostly yield is not satisfactory, the first generation of Apple watch shipped over 10 million, the supply chain does not bring significant profits, low cost of production only, but the high price of all kinds of table belt, but the most impressive profits.

Although wearable devices has become the battleground of the next generation of new battlefield, then the current design specifications and functional applications, in addition to Apple's supply chain still expensive Apple Watch out profit, most other smart wristbands, smart watch products for PCB and other supply chain profit contribution is quite limited in the short term including the iPhone and other high-end smart phone manufacturers supply chain is still an important profit pillar.

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