Mobile World Congress 2016: What's New Digital Technology Highlights

- Mar 28, 2016-

Ultrasonic gesture recognition

Elliptic Labs has finally demonstrated the practical application of ultrasonic gesture recognition technology. Elliptic According to reports, they have entered into a collaboration with several major mobile phone manufacturers to support the technology of mobile phones and smart appliances will soon appear.

Elliptic Labs ultrasonic technology sensors can be transmitted through the speakers ultrasonic sound waves in the palm of the user will hit the rebound, the microphone will collect these echoes to sense the user's gestures. Users can use gestures to interact with the remote control handset. In the demonstration, the operator to unlock the phone by waving palm device, or to control the direction of the game character. Lamps equipped with these technologies also can sense a user gesture, to achieve open and close the lighting function.

Super flash charge

In this MWC conference, OPPO launched a new VOOC super flash chip charge and Smart Sensor image stabilization technology, only 10 minutes from the time of the whole bright screen of the charging process 5% to 100% of the power.

VOOC super fast flash charging is still using low-voltage charge program, the charge is the OPPO VOOC flash evolutionary version of its promotion in the charging speed significantly. For VOOC super flash charging technology, OPPO developed a new algorithm for low-voltage pulse, the charge current can be tightly regulated, allowing safe transport of energy to the battery.

PC-level water cooling system

Phone and PC set up by the chip, PCB, sensors and other components from the hardware, and the CPU and GPU work will be distributed at a higher heat. In the main this slim and stylish mobile phones, if you take into account the excessive chip heat resistance, it will be greatly reduced in the mobile phone appearance.

To prevent overheating of the phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 for the first time joined the brass cooling, and built-in water cooling system, the liquid will heat evenly to all parts of the mobile phone while cooling, in order to resolve the processor temperature is too close to hot issues. Using this technology, mobile phone, even at high intensity run does not overheat.


Phone instead of car keys

Ericsson's booth at this year's Volvo showed the world's first keyless car keys App in digital phone replace physical keys.

Volvo This digital key will be achieved through the Bluetooth technology, in addition to conventional close to lock or unlock the vehicle, start the engine, etc., you can also share the key through App for others to use Volvo. Volvo's cars offer high safety factor, Ericsson with a wealth of experience in carrier services, communications technology, cloud services and data processing services. Both in the car networking basis, derived more conceivable service.

Robot with a pencil portraits

Google shows an interesting painting robots, only you need to spend 5 minutes to complete a portrait. The painting robot project from Google's Creative Lab.

In the actual presentation, staff with this Nexus 6P is an object painting pictures, the corresponding mobile phone software will be processed in the form of black and white, and then began to paint with black lines.

But not the way humanlike robot painting a painting down to a lower, but may sum up an down, a one-stroke stroke nose ears. After the mobile terminal to determine the effect of painting, motor control brush painting will begin in the actual painting on the wall, the actual painting for about 3 minutes.

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