Mine Lighting LED Mining Lights Appear Mist Solution

- May 09, 2017-

Whether it is LED lights, LED corn light or LED candle lights will be the problem of water mist, relatively speaking, the probability of occurrence of more lights. To solve this problem must be what is the composition of water beads, in the end is water or oil mist.

LED mining lamp water mist is because the heat is not gathered in time to heat, encountered outside the cold air will be assembled into a small water droplets, which is the so-called mining lamp water mist.

If it is "water mist" is the water, it is likely to be equipped with the ambient temperature is too large, when the assembly of the wet stuffy stuffy inside the inside, LED light inside and outside the temperature difference, moisture encountered condensation condensation Mask, and this winter and the water mist on the window is the same, to solve this problem, it is necessary to carry out plant dehumidification, and control the environment of the humidity, conditional dehumidification can be reassembled. In the absence of dehumidification equipment, the easiest way: dry the cover with a hot air gun and then assemble it. And if the use of light environment, the humidity is relatively heavy, it is necessary to consider the structure of the waterproof

If the "water mist" is other chemical substances, that is, thermal conductivity of silicon ester or sealant volatiles, heat evaporation attached to the mask in the formation of water mist. Thermal conductivity of silicon ester "oil rate", "volatile" is the selection of the problem to be considered, the quality of poor heat in the LED working temperature will precipitate silicone oil; with glue (silicone / epoxy / acrylic Structural glue can be) to seal the adhesive. Pay attention to the plastic after the full curing and then aging machine burner aging, the glue did not completely cure the case of heat will have the possibility of volatile.

LED lighting industry sticky bulb, candle light, panel lamp cover with silicone is the most common, this silicone is a one-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV1), the curing of the basic: by absorbing water in the water Sulfurization cross-linking reaction, while the by-product produced.

According to the different by-product is divided into deacidification, deoxime type, de-alcohol type, prolapse of small molecules of its molecular weight is greater and easier to liquid out, attached to the inner wall of the outer wall to form water mist.

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