Millet To Open Millet In India Plans To Open The Next Two Years 100

- May 27, 2017-

Millet to open millet in India plans to open the next two years 100

May 11, 2017, millet science and technology announced that India's first millet house will be officially opened on May 20.

Millet house is millet unique line of retail stores, rice can be here to experience and buy millet latest products, millet home integration of the Internet and e-commerce services and efficient retail service experience.

Rice can buy a range of millet products in the store, such as mobile phones, mobile power, headphones, bracelets, air purifiers and eco-chain products released in India.

The next two years, millet plans to open 100 millet in India home. The next millet house will be opened in some metropolis, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. These millet homes have a separate area for rice noodles to experience more millet products.

Up to now, the number of millet homes in China has 88, in just past the rice festival (April 2017), millet home into the store more than 500,000 people, in Beijing, a newly opened shop hit A single day into the store 24,000 records. The total sales of Chinese millet stores during the rice flour festival totaled more than 75 million yuan.

In recent years, millet phone sales in the Indian market is good, market research firm Canalys latest data show that the first quarter of this year, millet to become the Indian smart phone market runner-up, second only to Samsung.

"We are very excited about the upcoming opening of the first millet house in India, which is another milestone in millet India's journey," said Manu Jain, vice president of millet and general manager of millet India. "We will run online marketing The success of the experience through the millet home application to the line to go in. Millet House is millet "Internet +" and "new retail" based on the concept of the establishment, will achieve the same efficiency with online sales.

Millet company said that since the millet in May 2015 in India released millet online platform, the rapid development of India has become one of the top five business platform.

In addition to millet house, millet will continue to work with retailers and distributors to expand the line of retail business, this direct mode will remove the layers of distribution channels under the agent, so that millet can do product line line Under the same price. At present, millet line of retail outlets has more than 10,000.

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