Micro LED Two Or Three Years Of Concern

- Jul 21, 2017-

In fact, China's research institutions have long been developing Micro LED technology. As early as 2006, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology team on the use of passive drive, the use of flip-chip technology integrated Micro-LED array. 2010 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Z.J.Liu where the team were using red, green and blue three LED epitaxial wafers prepared 360ppi micro LED display chip. And Z.J.Liu where the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology team and the Sun Yat-sen team together to micro LED display resolution increased to 1700ppi, pixel pitch reduced to 12 microns.

Most of our LED manufacturers revenue is small, pay more attention to the LED commercial market itself, but for such as Micro LED this forward-looking technology investment is relatively small. In 2015, Riard launched the ultra-P0.9 mm high-definition seamless wall, which is the first on the market to achieve mass production of less than 1 mm pitch LED display, but mainly used in the field of indoor monitoring. Jiangsu Zhongchuang Chip Technology Co., Ltd. technical team in the gallium nitride Micro LED micro-display chip design and manufacturing breakthrough, demonstrated CMOS drive high brightness, low power consumption Green Micro LED active display micro-display chip, resolution to 1000ppi, medium brightness to 50000cd / m2.

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