Micro LED: Is Expected To Become A New Generation Of Panel Technology Mainstream

- May 10, 2017-

Currently on the market popular panel technology for the OLED, but with the Sony Micro LED into their own screen and successfully commercialized, Micro LED has become the focus of the major manufacturers competing to Apple, for example, Apple as early as 2014 On the acquisition of Micro LED display technology company LuxVue Technology, according to the current step is to step up the relevant technology into the wisdom of the watch.

Micro LED to become the future of new high-end technology leader, even Samsung also smell this trend. Samsung will offer a $ 150 million bid to acquire Micro LED plant nepine technology. At present, nepine has a certain degree of market leadership in R & D, although nepine chairman Li Yunli is only known as "rumors" for the acquisition, but still visible Samsung has a high interest in the Micro LED industry.

LEDinside report that, because Micro LED more energy-saving effect, and the volume is small, help thin development, its resolution and brightness also has excellent performance, can break through the sun's viewing angle limit, the advantages of decreasing costs in the future, the future Can still show a differentiated competition with OLED, which is Micro LED manufacturers to enter the VR display motive.

As for the AR application, if you can through the RGB Micro LED to provide higher brightness and reduce the size of the use of such micro-projection, there is the possibility of getting rid of the traditional display technology competition.

However, there are still a lot of competing technologies at the same time, such as OLED on CMOS micro-projection display technology, the current resolution of up to 3000 PPI, and can be optically used in the VR / AR products The Therefore, even if the future Micro LED can also show high resolution, but also in the cost and technical maturity to win in order to become the future mainstream

The current accumulation in the Micro LED R & D layout is quite positive, not only the internal active development, more joint research institutes in the Micro LED technology cooperation, legal person said, the initial accumulation will be their own big screen Micro LED panel area, the future with the Micro LED market And technology is relatively mature, it may also enter the wisdom of mobile phones, smart TV, smart wear and other markets, the future market is expected to look at more than 30 billion US dollars.

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