Medical Display Market Booming Public Panel Makers Rush Into

- May 26, 2017-

Medical display market booming public panel makers rush into

Medical display market is currently growing in the past the market has been Germany, Japan and other manufacturers occupied, but with the global display technology and application of vigorous development, has attracted global display panel manufacturers snatch, continue to develop high-resolution, high brightness , High contrast and other medical display panel.

    According to statistics, medical image display, including desktop case view monitor, image diagnostic display, operating room screen display, etc., is showing a strong growth momentum, estimated in 2013 ~ 2017, the global operating room screen display revenue and desktop Case view display revenue average annual growth rate of about 9%, as the image diagnostic display is 5% annual growth rate.

    Look at the business opportunities are being developed, the world's major panel manufacturers are actively layout, grab the medical image display market. Samsung Electronics has entered the digital X-ray business for many years, in the design, display has an advantage, since 2016, Samsung's main mobile X-ray GM86, through the compact design and light weight, increase Convenience of product movement.

    LG Electronics has recently been able to show a bright red surgery monitor, a clinical monitor for medical treatment and patient consultation, and a digital X-ray diagnostic device without film (Digitalized X-Ray Detector; DXD) and other three medical imaging devices. Especially in the surgical and clinical monitors, stressed that the device has a 27-inch screen size, 4K resolution, and thus get market attention.

    AUO in recent years, product strategy to high value, quality and differentiation of the direction of the positive aggressive commercial market, including automotive, industrial, medical and public display, are the direction of AUO ink, these commercial panel annual shipments The amount can maintain double-digit growth strength, accounting for the proportion of the company's shipments continued to improve.

    Qunchuang currently in the medical, aerospace, industrial panel for the world's top shipments. In the medical panel, due to complete product line, can provide a wide range of medical displays and medical sensors panel, the global market share of up to 30 to 40%, ranking the leading position in the market. Group recently developed a 2M and 3M color medical panel, the former mining AAS technology for the medical test display panel, which is the adoption of IPS technology, mainly used in medical diagnosis, continued beachhead market.

The mainland panel factory is the establishment of health services business group, in the semiconductor, display, sensing, artificial intelligence (AI), large data and other technical basis, will show technology and medical, life science and technology cross-border combination. BOE and layout Beijing Mingde Hospital and Hefei BOE Digital Hospital, which is the digital hospital with the United States Dignity Health cooperation, the introduction of international medical technology and operational concepts.

    Taiwan Display Industry Association, said the medical display in the resolution, stability and brightness have a very high demand, coupled with medical equipment, a series of technical barriers to the medical display market in the past has been Germany, Japan and other manufacturers Occupied. But with the global display technology and application of vigorous development, medical display market began to slowly open new business opportunities, Taiwan, South Korea and the mainland panel manufacturers, equipment terminal business, began to enter the medical high-end display market, continuous development of high resolution, high brightness , High contrast and other medical display panel, so that display technology applications continue to break in the medical field.

    Taiwan Display Industry Association will be held in September 20-21, 20 ~ 22 "intelligent display and touch show", in addition to the original display industry chain, such as optoelectronics, semiconductor, intelligent manufacturing, automation, robotics, materials and components, (VR), traffic display applications, automotive display applications, educational displays, display applications, display applications, display applications, and display applications for medical applications, OLED display applications, wearable display / virtual reality (VR), traffic display applications, automotive display applications, and educational applications Applications and many other topics, invite more relevant manufacturers to showcase the latest technology and applications, is expected to become one of the highlights of this exhibition.

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