MediaTek Announced Mobile Phone Chip Revitalization Plan

- Jun 19, 2017-

Cai Mingjie pointed out that the government's forward-looking plan is to invest in economic growth, the idea of standing in the technology industry, hope the government can expand the semiconductor, communications and artificial intelligence (AI) and other investment, and its expansion, Its inclusion as part of the forward-looking plan. He also praised the Ministry of Science and Technology plans to invest 4 billion yuan in the next four years in the development of artificial intelligence, that is right.

    Cai Mingjie also said that MediaTek has invested 200 billion yuan in the past five years in the seven emerging technology, is in response to future market demand, the government is now pushing forward plans, but also the semiconductor and other technology industry investment plan into, as a forward plan a part of.

    Next, the company first in the second half of 2017 to promote the Helio P series and 4G entry-level new product production, significantly improve Cat.7 & Cat.4 baseband costs. Has been adopted by the mainland first-line mobile phone brand, the first half of the target to stabilize the gross margin, and then gradually recapture market share. Second, next year, MediaTek will be the new cost structure of the baseband to the whole product line, to further improve the overall gross margin.

    Finally, from the long-term point of view, the future, including 5G, high-performance computing, low power consumption, including mobile platforms and technology combined with artificial intelligence, will create more opportunities for the development of Intelligent Devices. At the same time, MediaTek will also assess the industry's opportunities and competition, careful allocation of resources.

    (15) Day, TSMC 7-nanometer process is quite competitive, MediaTek currently has products and TSMC in the 7-nanometer process on the cooperation.

    Cai Lixing has served as chief executive of TSMC, MediaTek is also one of TSMC's major customers, Cai Lixing to MediaTek after serving, MediaTek and TSMC follow-up cooperation more attention. Cai Lisi line for the first time today for this issue revealed that with TSMC for 7-nanometer process to cooperate, but due to competitive pressure, on product details, cast production time, etc., are not further explained.

    Cai Lixing stressed that TSMC 7-nanometer process is quite competitive, so MediaTek will continue to work with TSMC, in product competitiveness, low power consumption and low cost several upward efforts.

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