March Global LED Bulb Prices Continue To Fall

- Apr 25, 2017-

  LEDinside analyst Yu Bin said that in February, including Opple, Wood Linsen (002745) and some Chinese manufacturers to their own brand into the European market, and international manufacturers are also competing in the environment began to cut part of the product prices, some high-priced products gradually out of the market. Overall, in March Europe and the United States bulb prices showed a larger decline, while the Asian region prices are relatively stable.

  To replace the 40-watt portion, Europe and the United States regional prices, the United States fell 9.6 percent, the largest decline in the UK fell 7.2 percent, Germany fell 3.3 percent. In the Asian region, prices in Japan fell 2.3%.

  To replace the 60-watt portion, Europe and the United States region prices, Germany fell 2.8 percent, the British fell 2.0 percent, the United States fell 0.6 percent. In the Asian region, the Japanese region fell 0.6%.

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