Liard Strong Into The VR Industry, And Strive To Break Through 2019 Revenue 14 Billion

- Apr 05, 2017-

Liyade listed five years to achieve more than 30 times the market value growth, the current market 

value of 30 billion. For the next three years of performance goals, Li Yide Group Chairman Li Jun 

held in the 30th Riyadh listed on the 5th anniversary of the annual press conference clearly put 

forward in 2019 to achieve revenue of more than 14 billion yuan, the market value of 100 billion 

yuan The

Revenue and profits double doubled, LED smart display the global market share of the first

In 2016, Riyadh once again achieved double revenue and profit doubled, thus becoming more than 

3,000 A-share listed companies to achieve net profit for three years (2014 - 2016) doubled one of 

the two companies. 2016 annual report data show that in 2016, revenue to achieve revenue of 3.388 

billion yuan, an increase of 116.45%; net profit of 669 million yuan, an increase of 102%. In addit-

ion, Li Yide also predicted the first quarter of 2017 net profit of 164 million -1.18 billion, an 

increase of 100% -200%, the performance of large supermarket expectations, continued high growth.

Facing Li Yade to produce such a beautiful transcript, Li Jun said, mainly due to Riyadh 2016 "cul-

tural science and technology + finance" the correct strategic development direction, in this direc-

tion under the guidance of Li Yide made The following results:

First, the 2016 Riyadh LED intelligent display gains the global market share of the first award; 

urban landscape lighting the national layout of the initial completion of the market share of the 

first in the country, the night economy comprehensive start, full flow of cultural tourism, market 

prospects The

Second, the international business collaboration and integration success, the United States Pingda 

profits to achieve doubling, the international strategic layout has been launched; in the original 

layout on the basis of the acquisition of the United States virtual point NATURALPOINT company, str-

ong into the VR industry.

     Third, to build a happy city as a platform and support, collaborative group business to 

achieve a comprehensive high-speed growth, and to promote the partnership, to promote new media, 

integration, sports, military, education and other fields to expand.

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