Liard Strong Into The VR Industry, And Strive To Break Through 2019 Revenue 14 Billion

- Mar 31, 2017-

Strong into the VR industry, the definition of VR new era

In Li Jun view, Liya "happy city" the implementation of the various plates are based on science 

and technology, display cultural content, and VR technology maturity and popularity, will greatly 

enhance the technological level of the plate to attract more tourists, Happiness index, to achieve

"happy city" construction goals.

With the future of VR will penetrate into the field of people's lives in all areas of the trend is 

predicted and recognized by the world, Riard 2016 began to layout VR industry, in-depth analysis 

of the VR industry chain development characteristics found that the individual experience to the 

needs of the group to enhance the experience Will drive the VR industry into the next stage of 

development. Interactive technology and equipment maturity, and promote the development of VR 

industry, but also broaden the application areas of VR, VR industry to become the soul.

As a result, Riad concentrates on the field of action capture in the direction of interactive 

devices, including optical action capture (NATURALPOINT, 100%), inertia capture (gifted) and gait 

action capture (VIRTUIX ), As well as the field of gesture recognition of the very fish technology,

VR education in the field of black crystal technology and panoramic video related companies.

In the future, Riard will use the existing technology to make a wide range of combinations, 

through a combination of technology to achieve different application scenarios to achieve the 

B-side and C-side solutions to cover, and technology, products and The solution, combined with 

the Group's high-quality vertical industry layout, provides business solutions for vertical 

industries that promote industry applications to capture the virtual reality and movement capture 

industry market share. Liyad eventually hopes to interact as the core, covering the industrial 

chain, the definition of VR new era.

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