LG Enoch Developed The World's Maximum Power Of 70mW UV-C LED

- Jun 02, 2017-

LG Enoch developed the world's maximum power of 70mW UV-C LED

Seoul, Korea, February 23, 2017, LG Enoch has developed the world's largest power sterilization UV-C LED with a wavelength of 280 nm (nm) of up to 70 milliwatts (mW) of optical power. Bactericidal power than the existing 40mW level LED 1.5 times higher, can be water and air sterilization.

UV-C LED in the ultraviolet (UV, UV rays) LED to 200 ~ 280? Wavelength sterilization. Destruction of E. coli, Salmonella bacteria and other bacteria to prevent its breeding.

So far, UV-C LED is mainly used in small hygiene products. This is because of its low optical power, bactericidal weak. For the toothbrush sterilizer LED 1mW, for humidification humidifier sink sterilization LED is 2mW.

LG Enroit uses self-developed vertical LED chip technology, breaking the existing UV-C optical power limit. Power continues to improve, the resulting heat effectively discharged, thus ensuring high quality and reliability.

Length and width are 6 mm (mm), the thickness of 1.35mm, although even smaller than the nail, but its bactericidal performance is the world's most.

It also applies to the hardening equipment of the manufacturing industry. As the UV output is strong, the performance of the curing device can be improved.

Water purification, purification or hardening of the manufacturer can be obtained from the LG Enot the most suitable use of UV-C LED supply. This is because LG Enot has a series of production systems from epitaxial wafers to chips, packages, modules, and rigorous quality management.

LG Innot has 280nm UVC LED and from 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm UV-A LED to sterilization, medical use 305nm UV-B LED and other products for a variety of purposes lineup.

"LG Novotel's policy is to continue to expand the application of UV-C LEDs," said the person concerned.

According to Yole Developpement, a market research firm, the world's UV LED market will grow from around $ 130 million in 2015 to KRW $ 270 million in 2017.

About LG Innotek Co.

LG Innotek is a cutting-edge manufacturer of materials and components and a subsidiary of LG Group. The company's business unit includes core components of LED, mobile, automotive, display, semiconductor and networking. In addition, the company works closely with mobile devices, home appliances and automotive companies to produce camera modules, automotive electronics, wireless communication modules, and substrate materials.

In the field of LED, LG Innotek vertically integrates the entire manufacturing process from Epi-wafer and chip to package and module, while providing LED products optimized for lighting, mobile, display and automotive applications.

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