LEDinside: Nichia Ranked First In UV LED Revenue In 2016

- May 02, 2017-

  Joanne Wu, Research Manager of LEDinside, pointed out that in 2016, UV LED manufacturers revenue majorly came from UV-A LED business, some manufacturers stepped in curing module market to contribute company revenue. Observed from UV LED package revenue, the top five players were Japanese and Korean players, Nichia ranked the first, followed by Nitride Semiconductors, Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek, and USHIO / Epitex.

As for 2017 UV LED players performance, Korean manufacturers have planned to showcase a series of UV-C LED products, and it is forecasted that the that could sufficiently contribute company revenue, and revenue ranking in the world is expected to be reshuffled.

 Observed from application development, UV-A LED are mainly for curing market. Amongst those, high irradiance request in sheet-fed offset and high uniformity request in exposure machine are emerging, as well as special curing market.
Benefited from improved UV-C LED technology, more and more manufacturers showcase UV-C LED products in 2017. According to market survey, flow style of water purification is needed timing to be mature. However, consumer product, air purification, and air condition, and static water sterilization will boom fist.

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