LEDinside: Micro LED Is Used In The Advantages Of Small-pitch Display Products

- Jul 21, 2017-

Small pitch LED display compared to other display technology, with self-luminous, high brightness, excellent color, update frequency and easy to maintain and other advantages, by virtue of the characteristics of seamless stitching, there is a large plastic in the splicing, Screen display area, there is no other technology can match. The main application areas include war room, conference room, control center, arcade roadside and counter booth.

The current small spacing P1.6 and P1.2 the largest number of projects, so the most demand is 1010LED specifications and 0808LED specifications. Benefit from market demand, 2015-2016 manufacturers to actively carry out a small pitch display. LEDinside estimates 2015-2020 small-distance display mainstream development trend from 2015 Pitch2.5mm to 2020 Pitch0.8mm.

Micro LED is used in the advantages of small-pitch display products

With the dot pitch miniature, the traditional LED packaging costs accounted for the proportion of the overall display module will rise sharply. Micro-LED technology without packaging bracket and metal wire, can reduce the traditional SMD-LED package costs.

Micro-LED products require high wavelength uniformity, small pitch LED products with uniform wavelength is more demanding. Current production standards under the blue LED wavelength uniformity requirements in the ± 5 ~ 12nm, but the small spacing of the display wavelength uniformity requirements at ± 1-1.5nm. High-volume, high-precision transfer process to enhance the process yield, at least 99.9%.

At the same time, PCB must also be customized to fine line width / line distance and small drilling development, ultra-high density line carrying huge amounts of Micro-LED pixels, access to high-definition display.

Compared with the bracelet and watch, the display driver with the driver IC must also be highly customized, high integration drive and scan circuit to simplify the PCB backplane design, improve photoelectric conversion efficiency, to solve the high-density factors lead to drive IC space Placed the dilemma, coupled with the drive circuit modular design, saving design and manufacturing costs.

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