LED Tube T5 And T8 What Is The Difference, You Know?

- May 24, 2017-

LEDT5 lamp and LEDT8 lamp size is not the same. T8 lamp size is 26MM, and T5 lamp size to be smaller, for the 16MM, while the diameter of the T5 lamp should be smaller.

LEDT5 lamp using rare earth trichromatic phosphor, and T8 lamp in the energy consumption for comparison, LEDT5 lamp to save more energy, so choose T5 lamp than the T8 lamp to be more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly.

If the T8 and T5 lamp in the life of the comparison, then, T5 lamp life to be longer. Because the T5 lamp uses a new technology, the loss rate becomes low, so the life expectancy is longer.

The same, the two in the brightness is also different. Because the volume of T5 lamp to be smaller, power generated when the brightness is also small, so T8 lamp to be brighter. If you choose the light tube to select the T8 lamp, choose to dark some of the lamp to select the T5 lamp.

T8 and T5 lamp in the use and place is also different. T8 lamp is generally used in public areas, factories, hospitals and other places, almost the chance to be larger; and T5 lamp in the field of home improvement applications are more.

Therefore, when we choose these two lamps, according to their own needs to choose, according to their own characteristics, to choose the most suitable that a lamp.

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