LED Smart Street Light 5G Times Help Future Urban Construction

- May 12, 2017-

LED smart street light 5G times help future urban construction

With the development of information technology, 5G times in a step by step to the people came, a "all things interconnected" society will be a step by step into reality, this change is both the inevitable development of science and technology, but also the future requirements of the city. In the future, the network high-speed flow, people and things more easily. Return to the moment, how to build a dense high-speed 5G network has become a problem plaguing this development, after in-depth exploration, LED intelligent street light system program to become economically viable choice.

      Compared to the current 4G network communication, the future 5G network speed may reach 40 times the 4G network, the network response speed will be very fast, only more intensive communication facilities, in order to bring a better user experience, "all things Interconnected "network will become very smooth. In people's daily life, a row of intensive street lights become the ideal network node, equipped with communication modules on the road poles, to provide efficient communication network services.

      In view of this, LED intelligent street lamp program gradually formed, as the well-known domestic LED business, Shanghai think twice to take full advantage of the geographical location of the street, is set video surveillance, wireless city WiFi coverage, PM2.5 intelligent perception, smart charging pile, municipal Facilities, monitoring and other functions in one of the composite light pole, for the wisdom of the city's development of the ground made a broken way.

      Think of LED lighting street light using LED lighting, traffic and weather conditions can be automatically dimmed, so on-demand lighting, energy saving than conventional lights more than 60%, at the same time, each street lamp real-time monitoring, saving labor costs; Light pole at the top, the installation of high-definition camera, to carry out security monitoring; the same time, will also install a smart charging interface for the past to provide charging support for electric vehicles.

      In the 5G era, information will be effectively disseminated. In the wisdom of the street lights equipped with LED display, for the past people to provide information services, such as weather conditions, public announcements, news broadcasts and other content, you can quickly tell people through these screens. Through the information network broadcast control, according to the scene of the flow of people to identify statistics, you can achieve more accurate advertising, to achieve maximum efficiency.

      The future development of the city requires the government and social capital co-operation, and the current PPP model for the development of intelligent street lamps to provide a reference ideas to guide private capital to participate in public infrastructure services up, both to solve the wisdom of the street lights, To optimize the economic value.

At present, Shanghai think twice of LED intelligent street lamp system program has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu Hongze, and so on more than 10 cities to achieve landing applications. With the development of urbanization in China, is expected in the next three years, LED intelligent street market size will exceed 10 billion yuan.

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