LED Prices In The Next 5 Years To Reduce At Least 50 Times

- May 24, 2017-

  South Asia Optoelectronics vice president Luo Rongchao said the group in the upper reaches of the epitaxy will stop the production of about 2/3 revenue, this year will be related to the disposal of equipment and losses. South Asia Photoelectric future development will focus on LED lighting applications, including industrial lighting accounted for 60% of the industry, commercial lighting 30%, about 10% of home lighting.

    Luo Rong said that the cause of South Asia photoelectric lighting is still domestically dominated, accounting for 70%, export to Southeast Asia market as the focus, and continue to develop Europe and the United States market. The first half has received the first US orders, is expected to ship this month, lighting the karma to fight this year turnaround.

    In addition to displaying the latest dangerous area lighting (explosion-proof lights) series, combined with Formosa Plastics and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital resources, jointly developed in the Taoyuan Chang Geng Dementia Center, the sunshine agency "environment lighting "Project, through the indoor full spectrum of light, make up the sun light exposure, to promote the health of the dementia.

    Wang Wenchao pointed out that Taiwan's elderly people with mental disability nearly 200,000, coupled with the recent government on the long issue of concern, South Asia and Chang Geng Dementia Center cooperation is to hope through sunshine to simulate the sun, through the light to stimulate the eyes, slow down The old man is ill.

    Wang Wenchao said that in the past, South Asia photoelectric home to the main lighting, but in the mainland price competition, last year for the lighting proposed exclusive South Asia photoelectric point of view "Total Lighting Solution", turn industrial lighting, dangerous area lighting development, get reverberation.

    Wang Wenchao said that this year will propose large-scale new or modified environmental lighting system program, the scope of services expanded to "System Solution", not only to fight the price, the quality is better.

    Wang Wenchao stressed that the LED industry is very competitive, with scientific and technological progress and efficiency, LED decline in value quickly, it is estimated that the next five years the price to drop 50 times, accidentally investing wrong or R & D, that is "miserable."

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