LED Lights Three Common Faults And Solutions

- Apr 25, 2017-

LED lamp structure

There are two forms of LED lights, one is the ceiling, one is the light bulb. No matter what form of light, the internal structure is the same, divided into lamp beads and drives.

Lamp beads

Open the ceiling of the shell or light bulb white plastic parts, you can see the inside of a full yellow rectangular circuit board. This piece of yellow on the circuit board, is the lamp beads. The lamp is the luminous body of the LED light, the number of which determines the brightness of the LED light.


LED bulb driver installed at the bottom, the appearance can not see. The drive of the ceiling is a black box, and the drive needs to be installed first when installing the fixture.

The drive has constant current, buck, rectifier, filter and other functions

LED lights do not bright solution

When the lamp is off, make sure that the circuit is no problem first. If it is a new installation of light, you should use the pen to measure, or install an incandescent lamp to see if there is voltage in the circuit. After determining the circuit is no problem, you can start the following maintenance.

Drive problem

The lights are not bright, and there is a problem with the drive. Light-emitting diodes on the current and voltage requirements are higher, current, voltage is too large or too small can not be normal light, so the need for the drive in the constant current driver and rectifier, buck and other devices to maintain use.

If the lights are not bright lights, the first should be considered the problem of the drive. At this point you can purchase a new drive for replacement.

LED lamp brightness darkening solution

This question is to be linked to a problem. If the brightness of the lamp is dimmed or not bright, it is possible that this is the case.

Lamp beads problem

LED lights of the lamp beads, is divided into a string of string, each string of light beads, is in series, between the string and the string is parallel.

Therefore, this string has a lamp beads burned, it will lead to a string of light beads are not bright. If each string has a lamp beads burned, it will lead to the entire light is not bright. If there is a light bulb burned each string, you have to consider the capacitor on the drive or resistance problems.

Burned lamp beads and normal lamp beads can be seen from the appearance, the burning lamp beads in the middle of the location of a black dots, and the dots are wiped off

Red circle is burned lamp beads

If the number of burned beads is not much, you can burn the lamp beads behind the two welding feet welded together with soldering iron. If the number of burned beads too much, it is recommended to buy a lamp beads plate put on, so as not to affect the lighting brightness.

LED lights turn off the lights after the solution

After the lights turn off the lights, first of all to confirm the line problem. The most probable problem is the zero line of the switch control. This time to timely correction, in order to avoid danger, the correct approach is to switch the control line of fire, zero line access lights.

If the circuit is no problem, it is possible that the LED lamp produces a self-inductance current. The easiest way is to buy a 220V relay, the coil and the lights in series, you can solve. The specific reason to see our previous article: home lights off the lights after the flashing solution.

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