LED Lights Off The Lights After The Cause Of Light And The Solution

- Jun 13, 2017-

Zero fire line reverse

Light switch zero line and FireWire reversed, that is, switch control of the zero line. It will lead to the lights in the closed, there are still voltage on both ends of the lamp. And the fire line after the lamp, the remaining zero line segment and the earth's distributed capacitance (two wires close to each other and then insulated to form a distributed capacitance), the formation of the AC circuit, will make high-sensitivity LED lights are still micro Light.

In this case, when the maintenance of the lamp, because the fire line is always charged, it is easy to damage the maintenance staff.

Some users reflect the remote control LED lights, the use of remote control off, the light will be issued slightly bright. And with the mechanical switch off, the light will not light.

This is because the lamp internal controller wrong in the zero line, due to the above reasons, the formation of the phenomenon. This failure, usually occurs in the poor lamps, the general manufacturers of remote control light production will not happen this situation. At this point, you can consider replacing the lights, of course, this failure, shelved, there will not be much problem.

Zero fire line wiring is correct

Another situation is due to the switch off the line of fire, because the fire line and live fire with a common line of wear in a line, but also the distribution of capacitance, conduction of live AC wire of the induced voltage, high sensitivity of the LED lights will be issued shimmer The

At this point switch control FireWire, no error, but still may occur this phenomenon. In this case, a resistor or contactor coil can be connected in series on both sides of the lamp. Of course, let it lit, it will not have a big problem

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