LED Lights ---- West Lake Night

- May 12, 2017-

LED lights ---- West Lake night

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Hangzhou people say that the West Lake at night is the most beautiful "paradise", Hangzhou night West Lake the most beautiful "essence" lies in a string of colorful LED lights. Say night watching boat! Colorful lights illuminate it, make it particularly beautiful. There is a long new lake road and broken bridge beautiful scenery, people read like Hangzhou "paradise". Hangzhou "paradise" beautiful scenery more than that! Say lei pagoda it, a bunch of colorful gorgeous lights dressed in his body, and this light will change color it! So that visitors read and said, "Pagoda is a fairyland pagoda." Gem Hill and Leifeng tower is also very beautiful, beautiful light around it, the silhouette are hooked out, so that foreign tourists more clearly See the beautiful view of the gem mountain. The most beautiful of course is the music fountain, colorful LED lights according to the rising fountain, accompanied by high and low in the music, as if a dressed in colorful dress ballet dancers in the dance. All the scenes are reflected in the water, so that the West Lake icing on the cake.

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