LED Lighting Products Export Growth Slow Emerging Markets Or Growth As A New Impetus

- May 26, 2017-

In recent years, with the global economic situation to pick up and the development of China's LED industry, more and more enterprises sail overseas, LED industry competition, with the technical upgrading, production efficiency, product cost reduction for the price decline provides space, At the same time the domestic LED product homogeneity serious, in order to expand market share, "price war" is still an important means for the major companies for the market. LED lighting demand, although rising, and a large number of traditional lighting applications to replace, but oversupply makes the average LED unit price decline.

As a result of low value-added products, domestic export enterprises to enter Europe and the United States and other countries more and more difficult in recent years, domestic enterprises to seek development, continue to tap emerging markets, including even some relatively backward areas. But in fact, those lamps behind the application, LED penetration rate of the end of the country, is often worthy of "pioneer" to seize the market a good place. But for a long time, domestic enterprises want to be invincible, have to rely on technology to win.

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