LED Industry Q2 Welcome Wang Jing Crystal, Billion Light Operation Take The Lead Back To Temperature

- Jun 05, 2017-

Crystal profit in the first quarter of this year to produce a good report card, before the loss caused by the loss, gross margin from 18.4% last quarter rose to 19.7%, operating profit of 417 million (NT, the same below), the Industry performance than the original crystal net loss is much better estimate, spokesman Zhang Shixian said that the second quarter of crystal power is to pursue the industry's profit more than the first quarter.

In fact, the crystal body has been healthy development, last year through the cut, and plant and other strategies, so that the overall cost of decline, with the product portfolio continued to optimize, the industry has begun to profit, once this season into the season, Increased utilization, profit the engine will be able to start.

Crystal high-priced products have been shipped from the beginning of the second quarter, Blu-ray LED production capacity in short supply, order to see the third quarter, so that crystal has begun to pick a single production, but the crystal profit "Golden Rooster" - four yuan LED , Applied in the infrared and car, this year's proportion will increase.

In particular, crystal power is currently actively involved in the development of new products, in the international manufacturers have invested Micro LED, and the outside world to Apple to find crystal power rumors of rumors, resulting in crystal prices last week on 22 months High point, once the crystal can be stable profit, the legal person that crystal power has gradually returned to the net strength. Jingjing as of the previous quarter net worth of 45.88 yuan per share.

Evergreen Day 1 was also affected by exchange losses, profit less than three percent, but the second quarter in the mobile phone application is no longer down, small spacing display demand stability, single-season revenue is expected to rebound than the first quarter , Profit will be better than the first quarter.

The strategy is to use a diversified product portfolio to resist price competition, and the other products that are actively developing products include car lights / directional lights / daytime running lights and other automotive products, small distance display products, mobile flash, iris identification and invisible light And other products gradually pulled up the proportion of these 100 million light in 2016 gross margin picked up. This year, billion light plans to expand LED packaging capacity, mainly used to enhance the small spacing display, automotive, non-visible light product capacity. In the automotive products, billion light from 2015 to establish Miaoli Tong gong new plant to create people because of the concept of engineering wisdom factory.

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