LED Industry Presents Three Major Changes, Three Security Benefits In Depth San An

- Apr 24, 2017-

LED industry presents three major changes, three security benefits in depth

San An Optoelectronics is a company to continue to surprise the market, 2016 excellent annual performance and 2017Q1 high expectations of the performance of the notice are showing the return of the king of domineering.


Starting from 2016, LED chip industry has shown three major changes: capacity to promote the concentration to promote the promotion of supply and demand to promote the price rationality, leading to benefit the industry reversed. Outlook 2017, LED chip expansion follow-up, but blocked in the stocking production cycle, the downstream demand for supply gap, the order boom can be expected. Chip leader in the industry last year to achieve the benefits of reversal, this year will continue to enjoy the LED market downturn under the order and the price of double positive. San'an Optoelectronics as the first chip market in China's domestic market, the future will be the price as a tool to further enhance market share in the production capacity, technical level, the market layout are walking ahead of competitors, the first quarter by 45% -55% Just a starting point, the annual high growth performance and follow-up growth for the global LED giant will be the ultimate goal. In this process the company layout of advanced production capacity, Microled and other advanced technology, automotive and other advanced applications, will further boost the giant development path.


After the winter, LED industry showed increased concentration, price rationality, profit to the three major changes


LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device capable of converting electrical energy into light energy. It has the characteristics of long life, high luminous efficiency (80% -90%), no radiation and low power consumption, and the basic spectrum of LED In the visible light band, mainly used in general lighting, display, backlight, decoration, automotive lighting and other fields. By the downstream backlight, display, lighting three applications market turns driven, the global LED market output was band growth. In 09, 10 years large backlit hot two years later, LED lighting because of its energy saving and environmental protection, high luminous efficiency of the characteristics of the Chinese government to promote and promote the development of the industry. In policy support, China's LED lighting sector investment boom, and enterprises to buy epitaxial wafer production equipment MOCVD by large subsidies, as the global LED market growth an important driving force.

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