LED Industry In Short Supply, Is Expected To Boom For 2-3 Years

- May 17, 2017-

LED industry in short supply, is expected to boom for 2-3 years

Domestic LED industry in 2016 annual report and 2017 1 quarterly report has been released, the overall performance have a good news. Which in 2017 1 quarterly, 43 LED listed companies in the 40 revenue growth, 35 LED companies 1 quarterly net profit rose year on year growth, which net profit growth of more than 30% of the listed companies up to 27, Accounting for more than 60%.

LED industry core financial data to improve significantly, to verify the LED industry trends to a solid and reliable

From the LED industry in 2016 and 2017 1 quarter report, the listed company's core financial indicators are showing a significant improvement trend, the core indicators, including ROE, revenue scale and growth rate, the net profit and growth rate, gross margin, net profit and Operating cash flow and so on. LED industry trends to have a solid financial data as a verification, more firmly optimistic about the industry optimistic about the LED industry trends.

LED industry in short supply is expected, the economy is expected to last at least 2-3 years

Recently, Guoxin Securities field and LED industry chain extensive exchange of research, continue to verify the LED industry supply and demand booming. International manufacturers such as OSRAM also said that the shortage of LED chip supply, and LED chip manufacturers Jingdian, San An Optoelectronics, Hua Can photoelectric, Australian Ocean Shunchang and Dehao Runda have said the current demand for production in short supply. The main reason is based on the 2010-2011 MOCVD machine is being phased out, the number of models accounted for about the number of about 1/3, is expected to the next 2-3 years, the annual output of the total capacity of 5% to 10%, about 5 million - 10 million pieces. With the downstream lighting demand for more than 20% growth and the outbreak of small space demand, the annual demand for new LED chips increased by 10 million. According to statistics at the end of 2017 the total effective production capacity of about 83.28 million, and demand will be more than 92.35 million, the next 2-3 years to keep in short supply.

LED industry data to the good, real reflection of the global LED manufacturing to China to move the trend

The global trend of LED manufacturing to China has been questionable, China's electronics industry in the accumulation of years has been fully equipped with excellent process control and cost management capabilities, while the engineer dividends are gradually released, prompting Chinese enterprises to develop and have more Multi-independent intellectual property rights of the international advanced technology, with the international manufacturers of technological progress bottlenecks and slow down, Chinese enterprises will make full use of national policies, industrial capital and engineers dividends and many other advantages, to achieve the hair, will eventually overcome the traditional international Plant, and become the industry leading the development of beach-goers

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