Led Bulb Assembly Processing

- Mar 27, 2017-

Led pcb and led driver assembly processing


Tools for led bulb assembly: screwdriver, Thermal conductive coating blade, Tin soldering station, Iron, Tweezer, Pliers, Cutter, multimeter,  


Processing for led bulb assembly:

1, After all equipments, put aluminum pcb on the desk, Use Thermal conductive coating blade put the Thermal conductive paste coating on the aluminum pcb(like the following picture).

Aluminum pcb

2, Use tweezer put the leds on the pads position, then use iron to solder the leds.

led pcb

3, We are going to assemble the led driver and enclosure with cooling foil 

enclosure for led bulb

pcb for led

4, put the led driver in the enclosures 

led driver

5,put the thermal conductive paste coating and solder the wire with led pcb

solder led driver

6, screw the enclosure and led pcb

led pcb assembly

7, Assemble the lampshade and that part

led bulb

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