Launched The Latest AOI Automatic Optical Detector 2013

- Jun 01, 2017-

Launched the latest AOI automatic optical detector 2013

Dongguan City Weiqun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new generation of AOI automatic optical detector (PCB optical detection equipment) in 2013, the equipment used in Japan imported high-speed high-resolution scanning CCD camera and graphics image acquisition and processing cards, mechanical transmission X, Y, Z Using the Japanese technology Servo drive system and precision screw screw system, positioning system using high-speed high-precision motion control card + servo system positioning, positioning accuracy 5um, processing software using a new contour algorithm AOI system softwareV5.0 and multi-machine parallel processing, light source system The use of original fiber aggregation reflective ultra-high power white LED LED, CAM data support CERBER RS-274X format, more stable and more efficient. Mainly for high precision PCB circuit board manufacturers, can effectively improve the PCB high-precision circuit board production quality and yield, save the time of visual inspection circuit board, the effective detection of the inner PCB board, the outer PCB board, dry (wet) film development PCB Board, FPC flexible PCB board, blind hole copper plate, copper surface, resin surface, power layer, line layer, mixed layer, can be timely PCB circuit board production process found bad process, such as: open, short circuit, burr, gap, Copper, etching is not clean, excessive etching, sand and so on.

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