Kingsun Photoelectric Transfer Huizhou Investment 99% Of The Amount Of Investment

- Apr 07, 2017-

Kingsun photoelectric transfer Huizhou investment 99% of the amount of investment

On April 5, 2017, the Company held the second meeting of the fourth session of the Board of Directors

on April 5, 2017, and examined and approved the Proposal on Signing the Transfer Agreement on the 

Shareholder's Property Share. The Company agreed that the Company Held by the Guangdong Huicheng 

Investment Center (limited partnership) 99% of the right to the amount of RMB 1 yuan price transfer

to the Guangdong Huijun Investment Management Limited. The Company has signed the "Partner Property

Transfer Agreement" with Huijun Investment. After the transfer, the Company no longer serves as a 

limited partner of the Industrial Investment Fund.

According to the announcement, the investment fund in November 14, 2014, the third session of the 

Board of Directors on the third session of the board of directors examined and approved the motion,

when the industry investment fund size of 100 million yuan, the reputation of one for the industry 

Investment fund general partner, with 100 million yuan investment amount, accounting for 1.00% of 

the total size of the Fund, enjoy the rights of ordinary partners and bear the corresponding obli-

gations. Kingsun Optoelectronics is a limited partner of the Industrial Investment Fund, with a ca-

pital contribution of RMB9.9 million, accounting for 99.00% of the total size of the Fund, enjoy-

ing the limited partner's rights and assuming the corresponding obligations.

According to the original announcement, the investment direction of the industry investment fund 

is mainly used to invest in LED lighting, environmental protection and energy conservation and rela-

ted industries target enterprises or assets, with the company mergers and acquisitions and industri-

al integration, and constantly improve the industrial layout, promote strategic development, , To 

enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

KingSun on the photoelectric that the industry after the establishment of investment funds, the 

company has not yet formally funded the investment fund industry. According to the company's 

current development planning and industrial layout, in order to further enhance the efficiency of 

the use of funds, with careful consideration, the company signed with Huijun Investment, "Huiyuan 

Investment Center (limited partnership) partner share transfer agreement, the company held Industri-

al investment fund 99% of the right to invest in the amount of RMB 1 yuan transfer to Huijun inves-

tment, after the transfer of the company no longer served as a limited partner of industrial inves

tment funds.

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