Jingdong Smart Refrigerator Is About To Be Listed From The Recommended Recipe

- Jun 12, 2017-

Jingdong smart refrigerator is about to be listed from the recommended recipe

    Liu Qiang East said that the refrigerator developed for 3 years, through the built-in dual camera and image recognition technology to know the situation inside the refrigerator and manage the ingredients, such as to remind the food is valid, according to the actual food ingredients recommended recipes, learning the user's diet Habits, and even provide quick access to the material purchase channel.

    Send the microblogging map with the view, the refrigerator for the three-door design, equipped with a color display, as well as supporting the mobile phone APP, APP seems to be able to monitor the situation inside the refrigerator, and support family members chat interactive.

At present, microblogging disclosure of information are all "Internet technology" this one, and did not mention the traditional refrigerator related parameters, such as capacity, compressor type, cooling mode and so on. So only a piece of new technology is still more attractive, but the so-called performance of a refrigerator is not known.

    In addition, Liu Qiang East did not mention the Jingdong independent brand of intelligent refrigerator is entirely developed by Jingdong, or Jingdong to provide Internet technology, and then with the traditional home appliance manufacturers to produce the design.

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