Jiangsu Bo Min Will Usher In The Outbreak Period

- Jul 14, 2017-

Jiangsu Bo Min will usher in the outbreak period

Jiangsu Bo Min positioning to produce high-end 4-layer pcb (including second order above HDI, FPC, soft and hard combination, high multi-layer) based, according to the present, Jiangsu Bo Min has formed a car plate, module board, HDI board three modules Of the product structure, and the formation of the HDI half-hole plate and other advantages of products, but with a variety of product technology reserves, fast delivery cycle, and the industry's most sophisticated intelligent automation equipment and cast their own unique competitiveness.

Tan Xin said that the current plant a period of equipment has all been in place and has been the basic debugging is completed, the overall integration work in June can be completed. Technology, equipment, management of the perfect, like a triangular stent, firmly hold the Jiangsu Bo Min, let it grow. It is like a tree full of sun and rain, scattered branches, roots must be deeply rooted in the ground, with the experience of wind and rain, the ability to bear fruit.

Based on this, Bo Min Electronics in the original marketing team based on the establishment of the Jiangsu Bo Min market development team. It is understood that Jiangsu Bo Min has been successfully received two or three large international customers in bulk orders. At the same time, there are several large domestic and foreign customers are certification and proofing stage. Based on such a rapid pace of customer development, Jiangsu Bo Min is expected to usher in the second half of the outbreak period.

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