Japan Opens Intelligent Lighting Experiment Lights With Walking, Seasonal Changes

- Jul 21, 2017-

Japan's Okayama Prefecture, Jinshan City, 3-chome shopping street began to test things intelligent lighting products, to strengthen the overall shopping street intelligent infrastructure, and then stimulate the gas. According to Japanese media RobotStart reports, IoT system enterprise NetLED company is responsible for the IoT lighting in Jinshan City.

In the store street, there are 20 lampholders with IoT intelligent lighting system to test whether the use of the store street can be effectively quantified, and hope to use this data to create a safe and comfortable city. In addition to the shops outside the street, will also consider whether the implementation of residential areas and other experiments to test the future wisdom of the city's goal is feasible.

The previous human sensor can only control a single lighting equipment, intelligent lighting system allows an IoT sensor integration of multiple intelligent lighting. And the lights can be combined with the human walking speed to track the way to keep the lights so that people move at night is not only safe, but also more energy efficient.

On the other hand, the use of NetLED patented technology, is also expected according to the season, climate, adjust the street lighting color, create the right atmosphere. In the event of an emergency, it can also control the color used to induce pedestrian evacuation, or to assist with political advocacy.

This IoT intelligent lighting feature is designed to support electronic billboards, or other sensors. Collected large data (BigData) can be used to analyze the climate, each time zone of the crowd, the tide and so on. It can be used on the platform "NetCONNECT" platform, which corresponds to sensor, electronic billboard function and control of various IoT electrical products.

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