Israeli Chief Scientist Office Grants Research PCB 3D Printer

- Jan 07, 2016-

3D Tiger previously reported a lot about multi-layer PCB 3D printer DragonFly 2020 Information, this PCB 3D printer by the Israeli company Nano Dimension 3D printing technology research and development. Recently, the company announced availability of funds approved by the Chief Scientist of the country to support the development of this machine. It is understood that this budget will be allocated up to $ 1.3 million, will greatly help the development of the company and equipment.
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    Israeli Chief Scientist Office grants research PCB 3D printer
Dragonfly 2020 is the world's first dedicated multi-layer PCB inkjet print 3D printer. By combining 3D inkjet, 3D software and nano-materials, Nano Dimension's technology enables complex, high-performance multi-layer PCB with conductive ink ultra rapid prototyping. And this innovation is seen as an important step towards 3D printing capabilities of electronic products.

In addition to the 3D printing equipment, the company also developed a series of nanotechnology-based conductive ink for electronics 3D printing. The company also recently submitted a conductive copper ink on oxidation resistance of product patents, making industrial-grade 3D printers capable of groundbreaking use of copper materials for printing. And we all know, in all the metals, silver conductive best, followed by copper, but the latter have to be much cheaper.

Israeli Chief Scientist Office grants research PCB 3D printer
It is understood that the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel (OCS) of this funding is actually gave the company a wholly owned subsidiary of Nano Dimension --- Nano Dimension Technologies. At the same time, OCS also approved investment of up to $ 1.3 million budget, of which 50% of the funds allocated by the OCS. Nano Dimension CTO Sharon Fima said: "OCS for the company's confidence makes us feel very proud of our continued commitment to research and development of advanced technologies, consolidate Nano Dimension 3D printing leader in the field of electronics.."

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