Invested 17.11 Million! BDO Runda Holdings Of NVC Lighting 2460 Shares

- Jul 20, 2017-

Prior to this holdings, BDO Runda held 845,746,000 shares of NVC through Hong Kong Dehao International, representing 23.61% of its issued ordinary shares of 3,581,805,000 shares. After the completion of the holdings, BDO Runda through the Hong Kong Dehao International NVC lighting shares held 870,346,000 shares, accounting for 24.30% of its issued ordinary shares, is still its largest shareholder.

Dehao Runda said the company's holdings of NVC lighting mainly due to NVC lighting stock is undervalued, there is a large investment value; In addition, the holdings can further improve the company's shareholding in NVC , In order to facilitate the further integration of the two sides later

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