Internet Of Things To LED City Landscape Lighting Industry Into The Golden Age

- Jun 23, 2017-

China Lighting Association Secretary-General Mr. Dou Linping, landscape lighting construction related issues put forward their own views, mainly related to LED itself, intelligent city, PPP mode, three levels.

China LED city lighting from the monomer to the linkage development

China has entered the LED industry for more than a decade, it is undeniable that the cause of the entire domestic LED lighting has been leading the world.

Dou Linping said, "China is a large lighting country, is due to the development of LED industry will be promoted to the world power of the column."

Talking about the LED industry on the city landscape lighting brought about by the biggest changes, Dou Linping said, "before the city lighting, landscape lighting more to single building (small environment) based, is due to the development of LED industry, The appearance of color, or lamp device performance control and other aspects, have made the city 's landscape lighting in the whole environment from the monomer to the linkage development.

Such as the two sides of the river, two rivers and four banks, Sanjiang six banks and other outdoor urban landscape projects, they make the floor and floor connected to the formation of colorful buildings, so that the whole city has become extremely beautiful.

"Intelligent city" specific implementation difficulties

It is learned that the concept of wisdom city was devalued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction in 2010. From the industry point of view, the basic data such as wisdom and figures are mainly collected. Many cities want to realize the intelligent city put forward by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

Doulin Ping said: "China from 2013 to promote the construction of multi-functional poles, the so-called multi-function light pole similar to the smart phone, a lot of lighting outside the function loaded on the poles, including traffic monitoring, security monitoring, information screen , WIFI, weather plus charge piles, etc. "

It is true that there is a street where there is a road, there will be a courtyard, all the features loaded on these poles, and ultimately in the city data collection and other aspects play a key role.

"Our street lights are currently being piloted throughout the city," he said.

The implementation of the PPP model allows the landscape lighting maintenance business to take the initiative from the passive

PPP is the government to buy services, the current national housing construction department launched, tube, like separation, "thirteen" plan also referred to the domestic management system malpractice, before all construction, management, conservation are owned by the government, the future construction and management Government, conservation to the third party, in fact, with the current PPP model is very fit, not only our lighting, many other aspects of the existence of conservation problems, because the lamps bring visual beauty, but it is a long-term conservation process.

Obviously, the urban landscape lighting project is completed by the third party after the maintenance, can make the engineering company or production enterprises in the future development process is no longer rely on the day to eat.

Internet of things will accelerate the "wisdom of the city" landing

In recent years, the level of LED technology is basically mature, mature products in the price advantage, as the city managers need to mechanism, system and other aspects of the pursuit of some innovation and exploration, making the construction of urban lighting in the future development of the wisdom of the city play a role , Especially the Internet of Things.

"As we all know, lighting products everywhere, the development of things will be a very good carrier, will be in the wisdom of the city's construction process plays a vital role, we may wish to explore." Dou Linping stressed.

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