Integrated Circuit + LED Industry Electronic Information Industry Included In The Technical Transformation Investment Guidance

- May 04, 2017-

In the city "thirteen five" plan proposed to build high-generation panel production projects to promote the upstream and downstream industry chain extension supporting the formation of high-generation panel based on the supply of materials and end products as the core of the more complete industrial system. To 8-inch integrated circuit project as a leader, led the development of the formation of chip design, manufacturing, packaging, machine applications as one of the integrated circuit industry chain. Bigger and stronger LED industry, focusing on the development of high-power LED lighting products, LED chip design to create, packaging and application of a complete manufacturing industry chain. Encourage the development of optical transmission equipment, optical access equipment, optical ancillary equipment, fiber optic cable, optical devices and other optical communications industry chain. By 2020, cultivate over 10 billion yuan a business.

Combined with "industrial enterprises to guide the directory of technological transformation," which integrated circuits and LED industry has a specific "guidance." Integrated circuits, the development of integrated circuit design and construction of high-end integrated circuit production lines to enhance the level of integrated circuit design services and capabilities. Development of network communication chip, digital-analog mixed chip, information security chip, digital audio and video chip, radio frequency identification chip, intelligent sensor chip, car networking chip and other products. Support 8-inch and 6-inch technology manufacturing line technology upgrades and capacity expansion. The introduction of 12-inch advanced process manufacturing line. To promote the construction of the characteristics of the production line and to silicon carbide, gallium arsenide as the representative of the third generation of compound semiconductor product development and industrialization, accelerate the new materials, new structure, new process innovation. Enhance the level and ability of IC packaging and testing to support the upgrading of packaging technology and capacity expansion.

LED industry, focusing on breakthroughs in substrate materials, technology upgrading, research and development of new technology, 3D silicon-based GaN technology and new materials such as technology. (IGZO, low power LED), high definition and 3D display, general lighting and industrial lighting and other fields widely used. It is widely used in many fields such as intelligent lighting, light modularity, car lights, small pitch display, backlight (IGZO) To develop LED-related basic standards, product standards, improve product performance testing level. 

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