Inductors Last Year, Profit Taiwan, Electricity, Kellett New, The United States Lei Fight Expansion

- Apr 07, 2017-

Passive components inductors last year, profit synchro high, with the smart phone high-end, miniat-

ure molding choke (Mini Molding Choke) increased significantly, to Apple's previous generation mode-

ls, the average amount of a mobile phone More than 200. And with the Molding Choke price decline, 

to replace the sweet spot to replace the wire inductance, the rest including the car, the Internet 

of things, the server also sub-food factory production capacity, Taiwan's second and second tier 

inductance plant this year will continue last year's expansion tide, Peak period.

Delta's heaven and earth revealed that this year will spend 100 million US dollars of capital expe-

nditure expansion. US Lei this year in all kinds of demand warming, capital spending will be beyond 

last year, the mainland Kunshan factory Molding Choke monthly production capacity will be increased 

from 80 million to 100 million. The company admitted that it has entered the Tesla supply chain, 

the second half of the model 3 will start for delivery, vehicle product revenue ratio is expected 

to exceed last year. Start four in one Kellett new, is expected after this year to complete the 

relevant action. The company's new plant in Vietnam in the fourth quarter of last year, test prod-

uction, this year the new plant will follow up the expansion of the new plant, and began to apply 

for a new plant TS16949 certification for future vehicle products ready to prepare

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