India Plans To Build 100 Wisdom City, Intelligent Internet Lighting Business Opportunities

- Jul 05, 2017-

In addition, Gandhinaga, Muzaffarpur, Karnal, Tirunelveli and Gangtok have also become part of the wisdom of India.

In 2005, Indian Prime Minister Moody's proposed a "smart city" strategy to build 100 smart cities across India; the Indian government will provide basic infrastructure, public transport, network connectivity and e-government systems for smart cities, Infrastructure reform, urban re-planning, and a variety of advanced technology to build the future of India's model city, to encourage public-private partnership (PPP), financial companies and IT service enterprises to participate in the program.

A new batch of 30 smart cities from the 45 selected cities in the election, the total investment will be 579.33 billion rupees. Of which 468.79 billion rupees for the development of core infrastructure construction, 105.14 billion rupees for technical development projects.

At the same time, the Indian government has also launched the "city livable index", the use of 79 indicators to monitor the development of the city to solve the gap in the field.

India's central government set up the wisdom of the City Council's goal is to establish 100 smart cities in the country, and these cities are selected by the Challenge.

The remaining 10 cities will be selected in 20 cities such as Itanagar, Meerut, Imphal and Haldia.

According to India's social development, the Indian government has decided to launch a "smart city" project to provide citizens with a better quality of life and a clean and sustainable environment and to support the application of intelligent solutions. It is speculated that India's "smart city" market business opportunities in the next five years will reach 450 to 50 billion US dollars. Among them, the first phase of the start of the electronic equipment business for suppliers to bring 22 million to 25 million US dollars business opportunities.

India "smart city" program has been the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea and other countries support. As a developing country and emerging market country, China and India in the technology, finance, business environment, new infrastructure construction, etc. have broad cooperation space, in the wisdom of the city cooperation space and the possibility of huge.

Intelligent lighting is a very important part of the realization of intelligent city construction system, so the investment will be conducive to stimulating the smart lighting market demand for intelligent lighting companies involved in LED, is undoubtedly a good news.

Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and Cisco have been gambling in India's Smart Cities project, which is expected to reach $ 50 billion over the next five years, according to the Indian Economic Times reported on April 22.

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