In The OLED Attack Under The Micro LED Or Taiwan Panel Factory A New Way Out

- May 26, 2017-

Micro LED is simple to say, you can think of him as a common urban large outdoor LED billboards, the kind of large outdoor display that he is by a lot of small red, blue and green light bulb composed of those small Small bulb is LED. Those light bulbs in the screen is black when not used to display, if it is a white screen on the three colors are lit will be mixed with white light, so you can use a lot of small LED to form a large screen. The Micro LED is like a duo A dream to reduce the light to the outdoor LED billboards shrink the same, so that he can put on the TV or mobile devices.

In fact, LED has played a very important role in the display, he replaced the CCFL (cold cathode lamp) LCD display to become the most important backlight source, many brands in order to distinguish them from the use of LED-backlit TV, have directly Launched the TV called LED TV, in fact, this name is very bad, because many people for the LCD TV and really LED TV confused, really LED TV should not have a liquid crystal layer and color filter, LED composed of the TV. Although this is not the focus of today to talk, but still explain to let more people understand the current market, the so-called LED TV, in fact, LED LCD TV.

In the traditional LED, there will be epitaxy, grain production and packaging of the three processes, the process of epitaxy is mainly LED materials and the required line through the long crystal, exposure development, etching Repeated process to achieve a light-emitting structure, the principle of light can refer to LED light principle of this article. But the traditional LED is a single or a few after cutting the packaging before shipment, but Micro LED will be closer to the OLED, directly to the required pixels directly on the substrate, so that each pixel can be through the substrate The semiconductor line is driven independently. Of course, the above is a very rough description, have the opportunity to explain the Micro LED process alone.

Micro LED in the display of the advantages, in fact, with the advantages of OLED is somewhat similar, as is the self-luminous, so the contrast is high, the reaction speed, can also be made into a thin display, but the LED's performance, brightness, life is better than OLED, because With these more powerful than the OLED performance, so the major manufacturers are aggressive layout rush. But Micro LED is no defect? Micro LED because of its epitaxial substrate, so there is no such as OLED has the ability to produce flexible display; and LED color uniformity has been the most criticized the big problem, so On the Micro LED, as long as there are several Pixel color uneven, it means that the entire Micro LED display can only be scrapped. But if there is one day Micro LED can really achieve such as OLED pixel density and color uniformity, yield better than OLED, which is really a very powerful display.

At present, Taiwanese manufacturers in addition to Hon Hai actively rush into the market, the original has a subsidiary of LED expertise - Ronda's AUO, also early in the layout, this excellent next generation display technology, perhaps in the Korean factory OLED attack , Micro LED will become Taiwan's panel factory a bright road.

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