Huawei Introduced A New Generation Of Switches

- May 26, 2017-

Recently, Huawei officially launched a new generation of switches for the global enterprise network market "agile", this new software programmable switches will be listed in September. The product can be upgraded by software updates, so when users want to add new features, do not have to replace the new switch every time.

According to Huawei CEO BG CEO Xu Wenwei introduction, with the previous generations of products, "the hardware definition of the network" is different from the new generation of switches is "software-defined network," the intelligent products, Huawei will be open to third-party application provider platform, you can Said, "Agile" switch is a smart switch, its service is similar to the smart phone.

Huawei business BG CMO Zhang Shunmao said, a new generation of switches to bring the changes will be reflected in many aspects, such as IP network is perceived quality, failure can be quickly positioned, the software can be controlled to upgrade. In the past, the network quality protection can only be "best", the fault is difficult to locate, the business response speed is relatively slow.

"At the same time, because the software is scalable, the hardware does not have to frequent replacement, which is a good solution to the large Internet companies and large data center of the actual needs." Zhang Shunmao said.

In Xu Wenwei view, "agile" switches will likely change the business model of the entire enterprise network market, just as the iPhone changed the mobile phone market, the same business model. However, he also said, "Although Huawei has not explored a new business model in this area, but based on the software can be upgraded switches and third-party application to open the hardware platform for the birth of the new business model provides the basis and the environment "

It is noteworthy that Huawei in the new generation of switches used in Huawei's self-research chip, and in Huawei's view, with self-research chip is the core competitiveness of the switch market.

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