Huaqiang North To Find A New "North"

- May 03, 2016-

Chong passenger space must have characteristics, identify the location and direction of its own advantages, not too wide cross-border, certainly do want to do anything bad. "28-year-old record passenger Huangze Can believe, Shenzhen Huaqiang (24.50, 0.13, 0.53%) Northern International Year Customer Center hardware hatch as the core, behind Huaqiang Group is itself operating hardware chain, extensive industry experience and background resources blessing, in doing hardware incubator on from the outset more competitive than others.

As China's electronics market benchmark, Huaqiang North is a global electronics manufacturing center and the world's largest electronic components distribution center, the convergence of various elements needed to manufacture hardware products, a founding gentlemen "gold rush" in key areas. Relying on this natural advantage, by public entrepreneurship and innovation in the east, creating Huaqiang North actively build eco-off, it has formed off creating industrial clusters, and gradually promoted to create hardware-off heaven. "Not only has rich resources of the electronics market, Huaqiang North more importantly the spirit of innovation." Huaqiang North off Centre International Creative Managing Director Linuo Fu told the "Economic Daily" reporters.
Huangze Can and his team stationed in Huaqiang North 2015 International Year off center, and here completed the development and mass production of alcohol tester "Small bartender" second-generation products, has officially entered the market. Huangze Can said: "Huaqiang North has geographical advantages, not only has improved the whole supply chain, as well as market-oriented end of the service, can help us to optimize the supply chain, and this is the reason we chose the ground here."

The first phase area of 5,000 square meters of Huaqiang North International Year off center, off the record established Institute, a passenger incubators, venture cafes, roadshows hall, the formation of a small record passenger ecology, providing pluralistic services for entrepreneurs, regularly organizes communication, training , venture capital resources docking, attract record passenger settled. Meanwhile, the business incubator business model by introducing financial and other value-added services to help create customer business team settled in reducing risk and cost. Huaqiang North International Year off center will introduce venture capital fund to help create customer business team to solve the problem of venture capital, enhance the success rate of entrepreneurship.
In Huang Zecan opinion, a passenger space must be inclusive. After all, the early seed project, the possibility of death is relatively high, after some good ideas to be screened, to allow trial and error in order to continue to attract more projects to come. "At this point, the practice of creating Huaqiang North international passenger center very good, early in the project, after review, they will provide early funding to help the team improve the supply chain, so that the project ground." Huang Zecan told reporters at the beginning of the two the first six months of incubation month study period, and after the introduction of the project, a rent-free customer center will open eight months can substantially help companies make their products out and started for the market.

"As a platform for integration of resources and connections, creating Huaqiang North international passenger center opened resources from upstream to downstream supply chain, sales of all aspects." Linuo Fu said hardware manufacturers around the world have come to Huaqiang North purchase, stationed record project off center to attract customers to buy bulk.
To create customer, the most difficult to solve "pain point" small batch production. Unable to scale production, the early start often requires small batch production, but large factories due to the small profits rather than accept small orders, many entrepreneurs have to give up production. To this end, Huaqiang North international center dedicated to creating customer create customer established small series production factory, R & D pilot production to meet customer demand creators.
In addition, all aspects of components, PCB, testing, test marketing, production, sales channels and other hardware needed for the production, a customer as long as there are good ideas, good ideas, creating Huaqiang North international passenger center can help them from a product manufacturing to sales of "one-stop" service. This not only helps create customer do all the work, but also greatly shorten the procurement time and improve efficiency and cost savings. "We have entered overseas markets necessary for a dozen certification resources, mature e-commerce retail distribution system and management system to help their products into overseas channels." Linuo Fu said, not only that, Ma Weihua, Ma also joined other industry movers and Huaqiang North Chong international School of passengers, with their entrepreneurial experience to create customer trainees entrepreneurship training.

Yang Yuntao is settled Huaqiang North off Centre International Creative Team Wishbone first project co-founder. Huaqiang North to benefit from the innovation and incubation platform, the team developed an intelligent thermometer world's smallest line on the famous American crowdfunding website Kickstarter only four hours, more than a fundraising goal to become a very few amount of One Million Financing Chinese team. Success in attracting fans around the world, but also the Hong Kong and Singapore, two well-known airline orders.

After creating an international passenger stationed in Huaqiang North Centre, more resources and more space to Yang Yuntao team opened Tencent also set their sights on this product. Huaqiang Group and Tencent launched the "Ten Billion Year off plan", they jointly invest 10 billion yuan, the "incubator + + venture capital industry resources" business model to integrate software and hardware resources to create a world-class public a space, and strive in the next three years to support 100 market value of billions of dollars, billions of dollars in sales of hardware startups, Yang Yuntao smart thermometer team projects have been included.

Reporters learned that the current hatch pattern Huaqiang North international record has been copied off center in Chongqing, Shijiazhuang and construction of points, based on local resources to import industrial form, the construction of youth entrepreneurship center of life.

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