How To Make Weihai LED Bulb Manufacturers To Get Rid Of Low Prices Of Competition

- May 23, 2017-

An ordinary LED bulb, on the ordinary store, with ordinary sales methods, then it can only sell up to 3 yuan, it is because there is no value of the tragedy of innovation, but if we will this LED bulb Designed to be the most popular style this year, then this lamp can be sold for 8 yuan, and this to achieve the design value of innovation.

    If we then in this one LED bulb stickers on the famous brand label, then you can sell 14 yuan, and 3 yuan of light can not be compared with you, because people are not willing to buy three no products, And are willing to pay for the brand. This is the brand value innovation.

    If we then LED ceiling lamp, LED table lamp, LED floor lamp with a bedroom suit, 3W, 4W, 5W, to sell, all made of fine shape, and take a warm name, then, to sell 200 yuan a group also It's not a problem. This is the value proposition of the product portfolio.

    If your LED bulb is used in the top of the imported chip, then you can also dig out its value, such as imported chips, zero radiation, luminous more stable, longer life, etc., then sell 250 yuan absolutely no problem, that is Product extension of the value of innovation.

    If we will be more than the LED bulb supporting the three types of lighting, like the villa lights, banquet lights, hotel lobby lights, then 2,000 yuan will be very popular, this is the product packaging value innovation.

    This shows that your LED bulb can sell how much money, all determined by your own marketing strategy, the same LED bulb, take different value innovation strategy, will produce different marketing results, not just Confined to the LED bulb manufacturers price war, the formation of vicious competition.

    In today's market, LED mining lamp as a result of a huge energy-saving advantages, has been irresistible trend to become the mainstream of engineering lighting products, Chu Guan Electronics is the professional manufacturer of this product.

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