How To Apply High Power LED Bulb Light In Commercial Lighting

- May 23, 2017-

Commercial space lighting is generally divided into natural lighting and artificial lighting two categories, natural light is mainly by the sun exposure, but must avoid direct sunlight, should use the North window sky. As the natural lighting by the weather, time and other factors, and the natural light intensity uniformity is difficult to control, therefore, commercial lighting is mainly based on artificial lighting.

    In commercial lighting, there are two main purposes, one is to identify the object, the second is to enhance the environment refers to the atmosphere, good lighting can give customers a completely different experience in the form of commercial lighting, the main points are the following:

    1, direct lighting: light through the light injection, of which more than 90% of the luminous flux to the assumed face of the lighting surface, play a prominent theme, contrast the effect of the product. Can be used LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight, etc., installed in a high distance from the top of the cylinder, so that the light source directly produce the next light, illuminate the cylinder.

    2, indirect lighting: through the reflected light for lighting, such as through the LED bulb light bulb will be all the light shot to the ceiling, and reflected by the smallpox to the face, after this treatment of light light, light energy consumption, lighting Low, can be used with other lighting.

    3, semi-indirect lighting: refers to the light source 60% -90% of the light is reflected through the illumination on the object, 10% -40% of the light is directly illuminated on the object of the type of lighting. This kind of lighting can produce more special lighting effect, can make the dwarf hall has a higher feeling. If you can use LED track lights.

    4, semi-direct lighting: the use of translucent shade material, so that 60% -90% of the light source to spread to the assumed surface of the work, and 10% -40% of the light source by the translucent shade upward , The light is softer, can produce a high sense of space, such as LED bulb.

    5, diffuse lighting: the use of LED bulb refraction function to control the glare, so that 40% -60% of the light spread to the surrounding diffusion, and 40% -60% of the light is reflected and then projected onto the object The way of lighting, this way the light performance is soft, the visual comfort, but the brightness is poor.

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