Hong Kong Science And Technology Developed The Most Power-saving LED Filament Technology

- May 17, 2017-

PolyU Precision Processing Technology State Key Laboratory, and technology research and development, PolyU Industrial and Systems Engineering graduate Zhao Chongzhi, developed on the market the most power-saving LED filament technology. "New technology due to my graduation thesis, the original idea of the topic of the thesis, hope to combine the advantages of various types of lights, developed a new lamp, including graduation thesis time, spent a total of two and a half years of production. It is very welcome to be able to apply for a patent. "

Zhao Chongzhi said that the total development cost of the product is about 300,000 yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below), 2015 "PolyU micro-fund" allocated 100,000 yuan, the rest of the support by the laboratory, is currently working with four to five companies to discuss cooperation Mid-year production and launch of the market.

He said, LED filament lamp with a number of small power LED chip to replace the single-chip high-power LED chip to reduce current consumption, more uniform light distribution, supporting the chip material, but also by the ceramic to heat good, low cost, strong light Of aluminum, its luminous efficiency of 129 lumens / watt (lm / W), about the traditional LED lights and CFL were 1.5 times higher and 2 times, UV is more than one-tenth of the traditional compact fluorescent lamps.

Ultra-precision machining technology, deputy director of State Key Laboratory Du Xue said that because the LED filament lamp without the need to use pressure components, directly from the AC to low-voltage direct current, so that parts reduce the luminous efficiency, so the bulb retail price and cost were 45 yuan And 20 yuan, about half of the traditional LED lights, filament lamp annual electricity and carbon emissions, respectively, 33 yuan and 22kgCO2E, less than half of the traditional compact fluorescent lamps.

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