Hefei Institute Reveal A Significant Role In Reducing Graphene Oxide Genotoxicity Of PCB

- Apr 25, 2016-

Graphene oxide (Graphene Oxide, GO) as well as carbon nano-materials typical two-dimensional family of materials, with very thin lamellar structure, rich in oxygen-containing functional groups, the unique polar / non-polar and strong regional distribution adsorption capacity and other characteristics, in the fields of materials, electronics, energy, biomedical, environmental control has broad application prospects. Studies have shown that graphene oxide by physical adsorption, electrostatic attraction, van der Waals forces, hydrogen bonding, precipitation or chemical reaction, can significantly alter the behavior of pollutants in the environment; however, graphene oxide pollutants toxicological effects and its mechanisms but few studies.

Recently, Hefei Material Science and Technology Research Institute of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Research Institute Xu An environment group around the wide distribution, highly toxic persistent organic pollutants polychlorinated biphenyls (Polychorinated biphenyls, PCBs), high sensitivity using in vitro gene mutation detection model explains the graphene oxide and polychlorinated biphenyls cytotoxicity and genotoxicity mechanism. The results show that the graphene oxide or adherent cell membrane into the cytoplasm, by induction of reactive oxygen species within the cell content increased, the activation effect is not dependent on the mTOR signaling pathway autophagy cell; and, by inducing the graphene oxide autophagy synthesis, causing a complete autophagy process. Further studies showed that the graphene oxide in induced cells were pretreated with the process of autophagy intact effector cells, can be significantly reduced cytotoxicity PCB 52 and CD59 induced mutation rate; while the other two exposed, including PCB 52 and the oxidation pretreatment graphene and PCB 52 common treatment, toxic effects of PCB 52 is not affected. This study reveals a significant role in reducing graphene oxide genotoxicity of PCB, but also for graphene oxide pollution control environmental health risks in the experiment provides a new basis for assessment.

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