Heavy! GE Officially Announced The Sale Of Lighting Business

- Jun 14, 2017-

"The company is discussing issues with potential buyers," said Alicia Gauer, Director of GE Lighting Public Relations. "The company is considering selling its lighting business in order to continue to streamline its portfolio and focus on its core digital industrial assets."

       The company will consider strategic options based on the final terms of the potential buyers and may sell different business units for GE lighting to different buyers. But does not include professional lighting or other products and services that are sold by GE's Current.

       According to Gauer, the company has yet to set out how to schedule GE Lighting and GE's Current employees. The company has about 300 employees in the lighting department of northeastern Ohio. But GE lighting in recent years, a substantial streamlining, the company four years ago, the number of employed about 700 people.

       Relevant selling rumors began to spread as early as a few months ago.

       On the morning of August 8, an internal e-mail from GE Lighting CEO Bill Lacey was released at EdisonReport.net and explained the sale plan. The e-mail emphasizes that the negotiations are at an early stage, GE Lighting will consider several strategic options.

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