HDI Trends Analysis

- Aug 27, 2015-

① upgrades based on consumption, HDI and wide range of applications

With light, integration of consumer electronics products, multi-function trend, increasing demand for the PCB Board. Follow this trend, with HDI because it provides higher density circuits interconnect, can accommodate more features such as electronic components and gradually become the mainstream consumer electronics PCB. In a consumption driven by upgrades, HDI application range is no longer limited to mobile phones, digital cameras, digital video cameras and other emerging consumer electronic products generate more HDI applications, such as e-readers, smartphones, netbooks, GPS, MID, car audio, etc are using HDI. As the prices of these products will be gradually spread, which greatly promoted the development of HDI.

Based on upgrade, HDI gradually replaced plywood

In addition to gadgets other than using HDI, the original electronic products using ordinary plywood with functionality upgrade gradually using the HDI. In HDI applications close to half of the phone, for example, 3G and smart phone application with scalability and rich, gradually evolved into the mobile mainstream. Next 100% mobile phone PCB Board of HDI will be used, and will continue to increase the proportion of second-order and third-order.

③ HDI PCB overall proportion of products increased, the fastest-growing

Because the HDI of new applications continues to increase, simultaneously on many products gradually replace ordinary MLB, HDI PCB output value proportion of higher PCB of the fastest-growing segment. 2000-2008, the global HDI compound annual growth rate of 14.9%, much higher than the other four PCB type. 2008 Global HDI PCB share had reached 13%, and the trend has continued to increase. HDI PCB area one of the most promising types.

④ Global HDI capacity transfer to County

HDI above current global size companies mostly concentrated in Asia, China mainland, Taiwan, and Korea and Japan and other places. Expect future Taiwan, and Korea and Japan manufacturers because of cost, environmental considerations will be gradually moved outside capacity, coupled with mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, industry as well as global EMS outsourcing business to mainland China, transfer, production will further increase the proportion of China's HDI Board.

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