Grasping Technology, Re-quality, Light LED Industry Development

- May 25, 2017-

LED products and engineering small and medium-sized enterprise public technical service platform through the Guangdong LED production and engineering characteristics of small and medium enterprises and industry trends, relying on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute of Electronics Fifth, from the components to the whole equipment, from hardware to software Until the complex large-scale system of product testing, analysis and evaluation, certification measurement, information services, technical training, special equipment and special software development and other aspects of the industry to provide comprehensive technical services for small and medium enterprises.

Since 2015, the platform to give full play to the field of LED technology advantages for the industry to carry out small and medium enterprises testing and testing, project monitoring, supervision and other technical services more than 1,300 batches, more than 500 small and medium enterprises to achieve the output value of more than 1,200 yuan. Platform closely around the LED industry development needs, and vigorously develop the "intimate, one-stop" services, long-term joint ventures, universities, research institutes to carry out industrial development planning research, and actively establish information network service organization national standards, industry standards and local standards The development of. In May 2016 by a business commissioned by the enterprise for the LED product quality problems frequently the key factors of the field of technical diagnosis, through the diagnosis of the product from the source to find product quality problems and improve the program to effectively help enterprises solve the problem Making the enterprise to achieve faster and better development.

Under the guidance and support of the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Committee, LED technology and engineering small and medium-sized enterprises public technical service platform to actively play the demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province demonstration technology, through a large number of services for SMEs, has accumulated rich Technical experience. According to the current LED industry, the status quo and needs of small and medium enterprises, the platform for its technical service needs to understand a thorough and more targeted to improve the reliability of LED products and better service, from LED devices to LED module, from the LED module To the LED machine and system, from product development to retirement of the entire life cycle, from safety and EMC to performance and energy efficiency, from environmental adaptability to reliability and life analysis, from laboratory performance evaluation to demonstration road or demonstration project quality assurance And so have achieved good achievements and service effectiveness.

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