Future PCB Industry Internet + Development Trend

- May 04, 2017-

Future PCB industry Internet + development trend

PCB industry has been developed for many years, but in recent years the follow-up growth is weak, not optimistic. There are news reports, China every year more than 10% of the PCB enterprises disappear, the emergence of this situation, and the development of the times brought about by the changes in the industrial structure. Only the change, PCB industry in the fierce competition in the reality of survival.


As we all know, PCB is a high pollution, high energy consumption, high investment, labor-intensive industries, in the transition period, enterprises face a lot of problems. Environmental protection, due to the country in recent years, the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the development of policies more and more stringent, so that enterprises increasingly pressure on environmental protection; cost, not only to face high inflation environment, international raw material prices continue to rise, but also To face the implementation of the new labor law to bring the sharp rise in wages wage costs; coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, Southeast Asia, the rise of low-cost manufacturing and many other external factors, PCB industry, many low-end production enterprises and even to the moment of life and death The


Many companies use a variety of cost control methods, nothing more than pay wages, provincial raw materials, but the cost savings and costs are very limited, can not fundamentally solve the problem. Some enterprises may also be due to lack of research and development and marketing and other aspects of investment, leading to development imbalance, loss of core competitiveness. Although some companies take into account the cost of the problem, began to shift to the central and western regions to reduce labor costs, but in fact, it has increased the other design, research and development, logistics costs, long term, it is not cost-effective.


The popularity of information technology and software applications has contributed to the development of various industries. "Internet +" thinking is the emergence of subversion of the industry structure of some industries, expanding people's vision. This mind was first introduced into the service industry, and then extended to the field of industrial production. Of course, this thinking for the PCB industry has brought a ray of spring.


Although there are still many PCB companies choose to believe that the traditional PCB design, production, sales, operation, management, and for the Internet, there are still many concerns, and thus wait and see state, but there have been individual enterprises to test the water, the PCB Combined with the Internet, in product design to create a new type of PCB cloud platform; in the operation of the project, to achieve full automation of Internet management; in sales and management, to Internet thinking as the leading. Of course, some of these companies have also received the sweetness, impressive.

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