Frontline PCB Solutions And China Business Software Alliance To Combat Piracy

- Jul 28, 2017-

June 30, 2017 | Frontline PCB Solutions is a joint venture between Orbotech and Mentor International and a global leader in PCB industry CAM and engineering software solutions. The Frontline PCB Solutions today announced that it wants to join the China Business Software Consortium (BSA) to combat software piracy.

Software piracy refers to the illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted software. BSA lists the following acts as software piracy: "Copy, download, share, sell, or load multiple copies into a personal or work computer."

BSA is committed to the use of the software, and support the country in the digital economy to cultivate scientific and technological innovation and promote the development of the policy. As a member, Frontline will have the right to attend the BSA China Committee, obey and enforce BSA regulations and China's policy procedures. Frontline looks forward to working with BSA to work with it to ruthlessly crack down on software infringement to reinforce protection of its own intellectual property.

BSA released in 2016, the global software industry survey report "concerned about the software license to grasp the future development opportunities" show that in 2013-2015, China's unauthorized software usage from 74% to 70%, a decrease of 4 percentage points, Has become one of the most significant countries in the Asia-Pacific region since the last global software industry survey.

Many people are not aware of the negative impact of software piracy. The use of unauthorized software will not only make the enterprise itself is facing legal risks, and will lay the hidden danger for the enterprise information security. The higher the unauthorized use of the software, the more serious the vulnerability to malware. Most malware can pose a threat to users' network security, resulting in significant data loss, external malicious attacks, and system failures.

Frontline's PCB production software covers InCAM, Genesis 2000 and InPlan, and has led the industry for more than 20 years. It has been helped by two partners in China's North and South, specializing in software infringement. Frontline has now won a lawsuit against Chinese software companies, and the court ruled that it would disable Frontline PCB Solutions' software and compensate it for damages.

Orbotech is the exclusive distribution channel for Frontline PCB Solutions' software. In addition, any other agents or brokers are not authorized to sell, if a similar Frontline software sales or software trial will constitute the illegal distribution and illegal use of Frontline software.

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